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🎗️New Ideas Weekly 001 🔊Big News, Dongdong's left side is convulsing, saying that we need to come up with a new approach

The completion time of this issue is rushed, so I won't include any pictures. Please use your imagination. 😝

🔊 Big news, Dongdong is going crazy, let's come up with a new idea

Big D Brother of the underworld being arrogant.jpg

What is a new idea?#

Linxue swearing.jpg

As a procrastinator, it's no surprise that I procrastinated again last time.
In order to make progress, I decided to temporarily set up my xLog on @DIYGod's platform and put aside various configuration options.
By the way, I will use the domain name Si.Lu and activate, which can be understood as a new idea. The yellow ribbon represents the little yellow people who like to bring their own goods (Maybe😂).

👔Workplace Anecdotes#

With the lifting of the epidemic ban, the backend developers couldn't wait to leave. Since the company doesn't have an HR department, I reluctantly dressed up as an interviewer to broaden my horizons.

The interviews lasted for a week, a total of 42. It was exhausting. The biggest realization was that I should cherish my current sensitivity. I interviewed two senior developers in their 35s and it felt like I was looking at myself in the future. Although I tried my best to show myself, my lack of awareness of new technologies and trends made it easy to be compared with other interviewees. Working in a small circle within the company, it's easy to deviate from the mainstream. (Complaint: Of course, it's not ruled out that our company's compensation is too low, so the top talents are not interested.)

This is also the reason why I started to play with Twitter again this year.

💡New Ideas#

  • Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book)

I talked with my friends about Xiaohongshu and found that everyone is aware of the need to do it, but they are still in the preparation stage. This reminded me that I need to take action at this stage.

According to the prices offered by KOLs on domestic platforms, the most valuable platforms are Douyin (TikTok) and Xiaohongshu. The former focuses on video information flow, which is currently not suitable for me as I have a full-time job. Plog and unordered push notifications are more suitable for someone like me who is not bound by a fixed schedule.

Try to do it, my friend.

  • Women's Market

Competition in the same field is becoming more intense, so I am considering entering the women's market to find a niche.

  • Starting with the Launch of the International Server of Honor of Kings

The international server of Honor of Kings was launched a few weeks ago. Many users wanted to experience it but didn't know how to register for an account. Some people took advantage of this and made money by registering accounts in bulk and promoting them on Douyin. This kind of account registration service has become popular. It's similar to the registration heat of ChatGPT. When international products are launched, they often block Chinese IP addresses and phone numbers. It's a bit sad. 😮‍💨


  • Deepened understanding of Obsidian

No plugins, no Obsidian! Yesterday, I successfully learned how to install and uninstall the DataView plugin. Now I feel more confident in writing my journal.

  • Good news: I own an NFT
    Bad news: It's my own uploaded avatar

📕Problem Memo#

  • Unable to connect NFT wallet avatar to Xiaohongshu. After connecting through, the transmission is empty. I'm not familiar with the field of NFT, so I'm making a note here to solve this problem later and laugh at myself.


  • Decided on the Newsletter Name

Finally✅, I have decided on the name of the weekly newsletter. From "Zhanlu Casting Sword" to the representation of Emoji 🗡️, I almost changed it to 🗡️-JoyShare No.001, but then I suddenly remembered that I haven't used much, so I'll create a new one with it. 🤘

By the way, the English name "Joy" comes from a network novel I read in high school called "The Chronicles of Fist King" and Gu Long's "Happy Heroes".

  • Guild Wars 2

Dominating the world effortlessly.jpg

I recently saw news about Blizzard changing its agent, which reminded me that I haven't played games for a long time. So I downloaded Guild Wars 2 this week and reached level 80 with two characters. Little did I know that this was just the beginning, hehe.

If any of my friends are experiencing a gaming drought, you can check out the introduction of "6 Years Later, This is Still the Online Game I Most Want to Play with Strangers" to see if it suits you. Welcome to the Zhuoma server in the Chinese server🔪.

  • Journey to the Light

Roasted chicken from Guangming.jpg

Although I have been in Shenzhen for almost two years without realizing it, I have always been a homebody and don't want to go out on weekends. But this week, I happened to meet some friends from the same village in Guangming and had a meal together. During the walk, I realized that even though I'm a homebody, it's only in the central area. The surrounding areas are still very comfortable, especially the roasted chicken, which is delicious.😋

I feel that I won't stay in Shenzhen for too long. I should go out more in the future.

⚠️996 Experience#

It has been a year since I started working 996. Being in the midst of it, it's often difficult to perceive changes in my body. I just feel that I have been lacking sleep for a period of time, which confirms my suspicion that lack of sleep accelerates the feeling of aging.

According to my friend B, I have become "round" all over.

Thinking back to the past, oh, I was such a handsome guy!

If time is a merciless butcher's knife, then under the influence of 996, this butcher's knife should have the attribute of "tetanus".😭

Me with newly dyed white hair that year.jpg

👀What I'm Currently Watching#

  • 🎬 "Uncle from Another World"
    It's interesting to see time travelers from the perspective of an observer.
  • 📖 "Entering the New Individual Era"
    A new book by Liu Siyi, the author of "Group Echo". I learned a trick from him before, so this time I chose to support him. After it went on sale, I unexpectedly made some money through sharing, even enough for two late-night snacks. Long live making money.
  • 📖 "The Advanced App Store Optimization Book A Complete Guide To ASO" by Mortiz Daan Maggie Ngai Simon Thillay
    The title is long. Bee, the developer of "Walden," recommended it to me in a private chat. It complements my understanding of ASO. It's the English version, and I'm slowly reading it.


  • Prioritize the tasks that have been organized, otherwise time will silently drown them.
  • Seize the opportunities at hand and maintain sufficient cash flow.
  • "I cannot teach anyone anything, I can only make them think." - Socrates

As we all know, things that have been suppressed for a long time will flow out smoothly when they finally come out. I hope next week will be just as enjoyable.

Btw, I'm finally going to publish it!

That's it for now. Have a cup of tea when you're free. 👋Goodbye, end of the text~

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