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🎗️New Ideas Weekly 003 A Far-Reaching Decision

Let's go together. - Ah Q

🐑Guangzhou News#

With the attitude of going out more, I took the high-speed train to Guangzhou this week to visit my friends. Because my hometown is in a small county in western Guangdong, most of my peers who go out to work are basically stationed in Guangzhou.

It's still drizzling, but I'm familiar with the roads. After all, compared to Shenzhen, I stayed in Guangzhou for a longer time, about seven or eight years, which is longer than a university.

There are more vendors on both sides of the subway, and the crowds are bustling. It seems that no one is forever 18 or 22, but there will always be young people.

By the way, I made a far-reaching decision, whether it will bring fortune or misfortune, let's see in the next installment!

💡New Ideas#

  • Microfeed, I discovered a CMS based on CloudFlare, and its simplicity has a fatal attraction to me. If you are also looking for a simple and easy-to-use CMS system, I highly recommend using it.

  • HapiGo, a launcher that optimizes workflows and integrates many operation commands. I like that it makes file operations more convenient and saves a lot of repetitive time.
    I also applied for the DeepL API to use for translation, and the overall experience of surfing the internet has improved significantly. It's a real game-changer.

  • YearComPass, a practical and operational New Year planning manual that helps you review the past year and look forward to the new year through a series of carefully selected questions and exercises. It is full of a sense of ceremony and will be used when crossing the year this year.

  • Graphical AI, the graphical AI launched by Jianying, generates corresponding images and videos based on text content, and is accompanied by AI dubbing. It can quickly convert text into videos with images. Currently, I use it to generate weekly reports. If you see it, feel free to give feedback.

  • Lottie, an open-source animation rendering library developed by Airbnb, used to display high-quality vector animations in mobile applications and web applications. Lottie allows designers and developers to create complex vector animations using Adobe After Effects and export them as JSON files.
    LottieDocs is also available now, hoping that more scenarios will be integrated. It is much richer than GIF.

  • The Chronicles of Zhilong, archived.
    When pretending to be true, it is also false. When pretending to be false, it is also true. In the end, it doesn't solve any problems. Stay calm.


  • Sauna
    There is nowhere to go on rainy days, so I went to the sauna with my old colleagues. As the saying goes, "It's better to go home and write code than to meet up with young people and not go to the sauna."

👀Currently Watching#

  • I haven't been able to focus on anything recently. I lost the peace and tranquility in the hustle and bustle, but 33 has been watching a lot of dramas at home every day, leaving me envious and adding to my troubles. Sigh, I envy you, my father.


  • In investment, you must "give up mediocre opportunities," so I rarely take action and advise people around me to do the same, especially in a bear market. - Charlie Mango

That's it for now. Let's have tea when we have time. Goodbye!

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