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🎗️New Ideas Weekly Report 004 Who was the first to see the moon by the river? In what year did the moon first shine on people?

What is "Spring River Flower Moon Night"?

The main obstacle to my writing at the moment is the struggle with choosing illustrations. If it's too much trouble, I might as well not include them. After all, words have more imagination. I can still recall the ancient masterpiece "Spring River Flower Moon Night" to this day.

🚣Leaving Shenzhen Bay#

"Finally made this decision, I don't care what others say"

Actually, this decision doesn't require much courage. It's mainly about struggling with my product planning over the past year. When I finally made up my mind, I felt a sense of relief.

After leaving the company, my colleagues advised me like this: "The company can't be without you, just like the West can't lose Jerusalem" I burst out laughing on the spot! In fact, the world keeps turning even if someone is missing!

During the handover, everything went smoothly. I started writing the documentation in the form of a Wiki tree, with links to related content. The handover document was completed with just a few steps.

👋Goodbye, Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Park. Goodbye, PerfectWidget!

💡New Ideas#

  • Seals: When decorating my blog, I thought about creating an electronic signature in the style of ancient seals. I'm not sure if there are AI models for making or training them at this stage. The various styles of seals with the author's spirit are very charming. I plan to create my own seals and a collection site in the future.

  • Xiaomi Smart Glasses: This week, a new product was released. The tripod part has been made smart and functions like a smart speaker. However, the problem of being too heavy to wear has not been solved. The crowdfunding price is quite tempting. It can be used as an extra pair for daily office use. The hidden feature is that it's not easily noticed when slacking off during meetings.

🫧Random Thoughts#

  • Damai Ticketing: Tickets for Jay's concert in Hong Kong were temporarily released, but I still couldn't get them. The price has already tripled, but I won't consider scalpers. I'll just enjoy the live performance.

  • Reducing Information Disturbance: Enterprise WeChat is really a brain-dead product design. The level of disgust it brings to its users is beyond my imagination. I quit unnecessary Enterprise WeChat groups and made a note to remind myself to pay attention to the fairness setting between different users of a product.

  • Blog Refactoring: Now that I have a lot of free time, I'm thinking about redesigning the theme. Between purchasing a theme (Avada) and using a framework (Sage), I chose the theme. I'm just a lazy person after all

    • The theme color is set to purple, inspired by the phrase "purple air comes from the east".
  • Job Market: Through a friend's company's recruitment account, I learned about the Web3 job market. It seems to be unusually hot, but I'm not sure if it's real flow or false prosperity. I'll keep an eye on it, as the journey still has some time left 😂

  • Farewell Dinner: It's a bit regrettable. We worked on the project for over a year, but the number of team dinners was few and far between. At one point, there was silence during the meal. In the end, we finished eating and said goodbye. I hope everyone has a bright future! If there's a chance to form a team again, we must have more team dinners. It's a shame to ask for a raise without treating the team well.

  • Social Links: I updated the social links on my "Now" page. Currently, I mainly use Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), Twitter, and Douyin (TikTok). I keep updating the AI-generated videos from other applications in the weekly report. I divide them into 🌍 and 🇨🇳 for different levels of updates. I'll gradually accumulate more and see where life takes me.

  • "Classic Reproduction": I came across the so-called guidance from the National Cyberspace Administration of China on Douyin: "Content generated using artificial intelligence should reflect the core socialist values." It reminded me of a dialogue in the prologue of "The Three-Body Problem":

    "You can't deny this! You have repeatedly spread the reactionary Copenhagen interpretation to your students!"
    "This is currently the most widely accepted interpretation based on experimental results," Ye Zhetai said. Despite being hit so hard, his tone remained calm and composed, which surprised and frightened Shao Lin.
    "This interpretation claims that it is the external observation that causes the collapse of the quantum wave function. This is another manifestation of reactionary idealism, and it is the most rampant one!"
    "Does philosophy guide experiments or do experiments guide philosophy?" Ye Zhetai asked, launching a sudden counterattack that left the critics at a loss.
    "Of course, it is the correct Marxist philosophy that guides scientific experiments!" a male Red Guard said.

    This is just a record, left for future generations to comment on. Your names and reputations will be forgotten, but the rivers will flow forever.


  • Tangqi Sauna: Steam saunas are like the healing springs in games for me. They are often used as rewards for completing certain stages.

    This time, I played the arcade game "Three Kingdoms Warriors" from my childhood with my friend Y. We were frustrated by the complicated move list and originally planned to use unlimited coins to pass the level. But when we reached the third level, we looked at each other and smiled, then released the joystick and went to take a bath.

👀Currently Watching#

  • Thinking about the future free time, I checked the subscribed events. They are mostly so-called business links, nothing special. It feels like a waste of time.


  • I keep reminding myself to cherish my current energy. The tireless state of childhood is getting further and further away from us as we grow older. In the past, I could backpack and sleep in a roadside hostel during travels. Now, I'm reluctant to go out without booking the entire itinerary and hotel. I cherish every stage of life and don't consider money as the ultimate goal.

That's it for now. Time for tea. 👋Goodbye, and see you at the end~

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