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🎗️New Ideas Weekly 005 Long time no see, what has happened?

The ancients said, "With one burst of energy, then decline, and with three bursts, exhaustion." As strong as I am, I struggled and took one more step, but then I stopped. Speaking of which... it feels really good! Humans are truly fallen creatures. After all, I don't have any drafts, I always rush to finish on Fridays. It seems that the principle of having drafts cannot be overturned. So, let's start by discussing the details of the time from the spring equinox to the autumn equinox.

😕 Excessive Desolation#

Suddenly, a period of rest came, and I couldn't help but miss the old friends I met while working. So I took a trip around Guangdong Province based in Chaoshan, and finally went to Hong Kong with my girlfriend. We finally checked off the long-awaited Disneyland. That's how time flew by three times faster and it's already August. I originally wanted to transition into a state of desolation, but I ended up skipping it altogether.

Many happy things happened during the process, but I can't remember them after returning. It's like there are "missing pieces" in my memory. I really regret not having a camera 😫

💡New Ideas#

  • AI Toolbox: Currently, most of my time is spent researching derivative products of "AIGC". Apart from the flagship products, the quality of some of the rebranded software is really disappointing. I plan to compile and integrate the experiences of using such products into a toolbox. It will also have a rating system to find similar tools. This should help solve the problem of having too much free time.

  • One-Person Company: With the implementation of app review policies, the app market is expected to enter the "whitelist" era soon. Whether it's taking the independent overseas route or participating in joint ventures, having a company qualification seems to solve some tedious matters such as receiving payments and applying for patents. I took advantage of this time at home to handle it. I thought it would be troublesome, but unexpectedly, it went smoothly. By the time I publish this article, it has already passed the review and I have obtained the business license and official seal. Next week, I plan to share the "Full Process of Registering a Shenzhen Company in 2023", and the sister article "Registering an Overseas Company in 2023 and Applying for Stripe" is being prepared. I will also write about it once I have completed this process. If any friends have already successfully completed it, it would be great if you could provide me with some help.

  • Using Telegram as a Cloud Storage: With the deepening of AI research, a large amount of training data has been generated, especially videos, which quickly reached over 100GB in a short period of time. As my hard drive became increasingly cramped and I didn't want to upgrade it yet, I decided to migrate the hard drive to a NAS + cloud dual medium. I skipped domestic cloud storage services and ultimately decided to open a Dropbox Enterprise account and use Telegram. After carefully reading the relevant user agreements, I found that Telegram encourages users to use it as a cloud storage service. With the backing of its investors, it should be able to afford it in the short term, and it will likely be integrated into their membership system in the future. Earlier, developers created "T-Drive", but unfortunately, it only supports the Windows platform and costs 90 yuan. It received many positive reviews. Therefore, it would also be valuable to integrate it with Mac/iPhone/Android.

🫧Random Thoughts#

  • Adjusting My Schedule: I have entered a work-from-home SOHO state, but because I don't have many friends in Shenzhen, my life is actually more regular than when I was working. I wake up around six in the morning, go downstairs to McDonald's to have scrambled eggs while organizing my to-do list for the day. Around nine o'clock, I naturally start to feel sleepy and go back to sleep. I saw a book excerpt on Twitter that said, "If you have complete confidence in something, you are unlikely to be excited about it. Take the sun, for example, no one gets excited about it rising tomorrow because it is an inevitable phenomenon." For now, I am enjoying the present moment. Maybe I understand roughly which direction I should strive for.

  • App Registration: In the past, I used to feel angry, but now I feel powerless and sad. AI models are evolving rapidly, but what are we struggling with...


  • Hong Kong Disneyland: When I was a child, witnessing the fireworks at Disneyland was added to my bucket list. I finally went in at the age of 27 and felt that the place was quite small. However, because there are many attractions, I ended up walking around the park the whole time and it closed before I finished exploring. That little boy, you should be satisfied now.
  • Roast Goose vs Rice: I believe roast goose is the best among roasted meats. On one hand, it is a relatively precious ingredient, and on the other hand, it is not easy to roast. It involves many steps. So, it's already a very satisfying thing to eat authentic roast goose with rice. But if it's a roast goose competition, then the joy is tripled!!! A good roast goose is served steaming hot, with a rich and fragrant flavor. The texture of the skin is crispy like paper, with a unique charcoal aroma. It is evenly fatty and lean, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. In two words: delicious.

👀Currently Watching#

  • The Road to AIGC: AI-related applications are currently experiencing a boom. During the process of learning and fine-tuning, I increasingly feel how small the human capacity for training is. I often spend the whole day in the studio, and I haven't had that sense of satisfaction for a long time.

  • "Soldiers Sortie": During my school days, I was forced to watch clips related to this drama, and I was very resistant to it at one point. But now, as I read it from beginning to end, I am moved by the simple philosophy within it. "Live well and do meaningful things" is also the essence of life.

  • "My Platoon Leader, My Platoon": A true war film, the song of the educated youth joining the army, and many debate scenes have been watched several times. "There is no such thing as something completely untainted. We all inhale dust, but it doesn't prevent us from doing something good."

  • "The Deer and the Cauldron": After returning from Hong Kong's Jin Yong Memorial Hall, I have been wondering why the story ends with Wei Xiaobao as the main character. I revisited the version portrayed by Jordan Chan, and it is a successful drama series. Supporting roles are really important.


  • If I don't have any drafts, I really shouldn't go out and have fun randomly. The time you waste will also be wasted on you.

  • Yesterday, I discussed the current work intensity with my friends. For an ordinary person, no matter how hard they work, it is highly likely that they won't be able to evolve at a speed surpassing AI in this dimension. So, it's best to eat well, drink well, and rest well, and enter a state of peaceful life.

  • After being alone for a long time, I increasingly feel a lack of emotional value. Should I make some adjustments?

That's it for now. Time for tea. 👋Goodbye, end of the text~

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